John and I want to thank you for the wonderful job your crew did on our car. It looks so nice I hate to drive it, I might get it dirty.  Justin was so kind with his treatment of us. It was nice to meet Matt and we hope you have a great time snowmobiling. 


Thank you for the great work you an your team provide.  Twice during the last month you've taken my stressful "car situations" and made them painless and manageable.  Both personally and professionally, you truly go above and beyond - your kindness and customer service are unparalleled!  Thanks again!


I wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing service and care! First, I was so impressed with the continual communication throughout the entire repair process, and the "icing" was picking up a car that was cleaner than when I dropped it off, both interior and exterior.  Wow, impressive to say the least!  I would most definitely refer your business to anyone in need of repairs, that is for certain.


THANK YOU for putting a quick fix on my daughter's bumper the other day and then not even charging for your time to do it. I really appreciate it and if we need body work - we'll come to you!  Thanks again!


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. You have went above and beyond to try and help me figure everything out with my car.  I appreciate all that you have done. I will never hesitate to recommend you or your shop to anyone. I'd like to say see you soon, but given the circumstances I hope not.  :-)

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