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Personal Attention — Professional Service

At American Auto Body, we realize the investment you made in your car was likely a substantial one. Having it professionally repaired is critical in preserving its value, maintaining its safety standards and giving you peace of mind.

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Initial Services – Creating a Convenient Experience

We start the collision repair process by providing you with many unique services that other repair centers don’t, such as a FREE loaner car and FREE pick-up and delivery. We encourage you to take full advantage of these valuable benefits.

The next step is for us to work with your insurance company, if needed. At American Auto Body, we have the ability to handle insurance claims electronically, from itemized documentation to digital imaging. We make every effort to provide your insurance company with all of the information they need to pay your insurance claim quickly and fairly. We know your rights when it comes to car insurance claims in the state of Minnesota, and we will happily answer any questions you may have. One common misconception pertains to estimates: Minnesota law only requires you to get one damage estimate, and that estimate can be done at the shop of your choice. For your convenience, American Auto Body may request that the insurance company inspect your vehicle at our repair center instead of bringing it to their claims office. Note that it’s common for estimates to differ. If one estimate is lower, it may not include all necessary procedures.

If you are not using insurance to pay for your repairs, you can rest assured that we will listen carefully to your needs and make recommendations that will stretch every dollar you spend go as far as it can go! Our American Auto Body professionals will thoroughly cover all of your questions regarding the estimate and repair process and be sure you fully understand both before and during the repair process.

At this point the damages to your vehicle will be evaluated by our highly trained technicians, and they will recommend the best possible repair process, being careful to document every dent to be sure the final repair bill reflects all the work that was performed. Once we’ve explained our recommended course of action and you’ve given it your approval, we’ll start the actual repair process.

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Blueprinting – Evaluating Each Vehicle

We evaluate each vehicle using a blueprinting process – a highly technical and detailed process. We start with creating a full, electronic blueprint of your car. As we disassemble the car, the blueprint gets more and more detailed, giving us a clear picture of what it’s going to take to fix your car. The completed blueprint helps us create a repair plan. Each repair plan needs to be extremely detailed and will include the insurance claim file if there is one. We include written and photo documentation, specific processes for which parts should be replaced versus repaired, and we will explain each detail so you fully understand.

It is valuable to know all of this information before we start repairs because it eliminates a lot of the unknown variables that may cause issues while we’re working on your car. The blueprinting process creates a very clear picture of the whole repair process and makes the whole repair experience efficient, higher quality, and easier for everyone involved. We take full advantage of advancing technology so we can do things better and faster than ever before!

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We Are Confident in Our Work

At American Auto Body, we stand by our reputation for delivering the highest quality work, by utilizing the most current technology and techniques available. We also make it our mission to keep the communication lines open with our customers during the entire process, keeping you informed of any changes in timeframe or procedure. We will call you regularly throughout the repair process! Yes — we call you, instead of you calling us!

Our goal at American Auto Body is to be even better today than we were yesterday.

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We Value Education

Our technicians demonstrate this by continually training to keep up with the ever-evolving collision repair industry. As part of their regular job responsibilities, they research current manufacturing principles and attend brand-specific training seminars to stay updated on new products and techniques. After hours, they complete I-CAR certified training programs, which keep them informed about general automotive industry changes. Our commitment to continuous training for the future allows us to offer what we call the American Auto Body advantage — this means your car spends less time in the repair center without compromising quality of the repair.

At American Auto Body, we’re deeply committed to our customers, to our quality of service and to the future success of the automotive industry.

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