Body repair, along with painting, is the most popular service we provide. Body repair encompasses a wide variety of duties. Our process involves the disassembly of the vehicle, repair and replacement of body parts, seam sealing, insulation, welding metal, aluminum, and plastic, replacing corrosion coatings, interior work and assembly operations.

We provide a written Lifetime Warranty on our body repairs. Our goal is to provide you with a repair that lasts and is also undetectable. Providing these types of repairs gives you peace of mind knowing you have the highest quality repair. We understand that the investment you have made in your vehicle is significant; we want to make sure your vehicle’s value is also restored. It is important for your vehicle to look great on the outside, but it must look that way on the inside as well.

Our Technicians are very experienced with repairing all makes and models. They have access to manufacture specific information for your vehicle. As well as material specific training with products your vehicle is constructed with.

The body repair process has very specific steps. All repairs large or small follow these steps.


Step 1

The first step is the De-trim and Disassemble (D/D). This step is the first step in the discovery process. Your vehicle is built from the inside outward. During the D/D step we reverse the manufactures building steps removing all necessary parts to uncover all collision damage needing repair or needed parts to take your vehicles repairs to completion. This detailed process ensures nothing gets missed and you or your insurance company will not have surprises at the end of the repair. Missing damaged parts at this point in the repair process will often mean you will not get your vehicle back when you were told you would and likely the repair price will change. We have been perfecting this process since 1979 and we are very proud of our accuracy.

Step 2

The next step of repairing your vehicle is delayed until we have necessary authorizations to continue from you or your insurance company. We must also have all the needed parts to move your vehicle to the next department.

Step 3

The final step involves checking in the replacement parts. We check in all of the parts to repair your vehicle by hand and compare them to the old parts. Making sure the parts are correct for your specific model. This is another area that if not done correctly will result in delays to the repair process and a possible missed targeted completion date.

When we have completed these steps the car will resume repairs and the technician will continue to repair the car until they move the car to the next department.

We feel this body repair process sets us apart from our competition. Years of data analysis and experience have motivated us to continue to refine our repair steps on a daily basis. The benefit to you is that you receive accurate repair information earlier in the repair process as it pertains to price, length of repair, and repair methods used. This repair process also allows everyone on our staff to clearly understand the goals of each repair and monitor the quality of the repair at many different check points throughout the repair process. Insuring your repair looks great on the outside and inside!

Peace of mind for you knowing we care about what you cannot see on your vehicle as much as what you can see on the outside of your vehicle!

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