Paint Services

We have a wide variety of painting capabilities from very small scratch repair to entire vehicle refinishing. Specially trained technicians use our in-house paint mixing system to apply coatings to your vehicle after the metal finishing and body work are completed. Our goal is to make your car look like it was never in an accident. To accomplish this goal we start with the end result in mind.

We use an online paint code retrieval system to locate the correct paint formula for your vehicle and then mix your vehicles color in our repair center. We are able to mix a very accurate amount of paint for your repairs down to a tenth of a gram. This process ensures you are not paying for unused paint and the environment does not have to suffer due to excess waste.

We put a color match guarantee on all painting work that we do! In order to achieve the correct color, texture and gloss of the last top coat, we start with the proper primers. Primers will be applied to bare metal surfaces and any other areas that have multiple layers of paint sanded thru. The primer is hand sanded and visually inspected for the smallest of imperfections. This detailed and time consuming process ensures we have the proper substrate finish and will allow for the sealer, color, and clear coatings to be applied to achieve the same or better appearance than the factory finish from your vehicle manufacturer.

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